Provillus - An Excellent Hair Loss Solution

Provillus is helping people around the world to turn back their hair and prevent hair loss. Not all hair loss can be avoided but because they all have a natural rate of hair loss and hair regrowth which makes hair healthy. Only when the hair begins to fall in large amounts that people get concerned.

Hair loss is a serious problem that affects many people weather they are young and old. You can have a serious impact on how people feel about themselves, which often affects the way they interact with others.

Males often face the problem of hair loss at a younger age than women and are more likely to experience departing hair. Some men start losing hair in large quantities, while in twenty years, but severe hair loss for women usually begins at the time of menopause.

The causes of hair loss are different between men and women. The main cause of men lose their hair is testosterone, which is where Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) comes into play. DHT is an androgen produced from testosterone and causes hair follicles to specify how to cut the vital flow of blood.

There is a direct relationship between the amount of DHT in the body of a man and your risk of balding. Higher DHT levels greater is the risk of baldness.

The good news is that Provillus for men is a natural supplement that is designed to block DHT in the body. It consists of a unique blend of herbs, vitamins and extracts that are DHT, if the hair follicles. Provillus is a topical treatment that helps thinning hair in the affected areas once again grow thick and strong. The combination of internal processing and current is applied is sufficient for most men to get their hair. Increased self-confidence often accompanies the growth of hair.

Monitoring the reasons why females lose much hair is more complicated because there can be many causes. Some estimates indicate that about 25 percent of women suffer from female pattern baldness, which often occurs when women reach menopause. Luckily not many problems women face hair loss at a young age often as men. Excessive hair loss is often a strong psychological impact on women than men, because male baldness occurs more frequently and has become more acceptable than the norm.

Experts say harsh shampoos and permanent hair are not the main factors that cause baldness in women. This goes against what many people believe what they want and sell special shampoo that people think. 

Hair loss in women can cause hormonal imbalances, such as during menopause and until delivery. Poor diet, lack of exercise and hereditary are important factors that can lead to female pattern hair loss. Serious diseases like thyroid disease, also affect the health of hair and go. The causes are different for women than men, have their own formula of Provillus.

Provillus for Women contains all natural ingredients that are formulated specifically to address the many factors that can lead to hair loss in women. Essential nutrients are included to help restore thinning hair to its natural thickness and health. It is approved by the FDA, and not only helps in hair regrowth but also avoids hair loss which is vital in the search for a full head of hair.

Solution products such as Provillus hair loss is often to improve the health and welfare of the person, and can affect the health of the hair on the head. For people who have problems with hair loss, it would be appropriate to consider other natural products. 

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